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Headlight Restoration Headlights get oxidated just like paint, take on pollution and bonded contaminants that washing alone won't fix. If they look yellow or crusty, it's not time for new lenses, it's time for Wax Man! This is one of our custom services that really gets our customers' eyes wide, because of the complete transformation we can give these damaged lenses! Most lenses can cost hundreds to replace, and have to be professionally installed, costing even more money. We take this right out of the equation, restoring the lenses professionally with 3M products, applying sealant, and backing it up with a full year warranty for less than fifty dollars for each lens!
Cost: $90.00 for both lenses and the warranty
***How long does it take? - usually about an hour.

Cut & Buff - Is what we do to new paint, usually to remove unsightly blemishes, fisheyes, and "orange peel". This effect is so named because there is a certain amount of texture in most new paint finishes, and looks rather like the skin of an orange. Various stages of color sanding and polishing are required to make the paint look like a factory finish, and in cases of show cars and exotic cars, can look even sharper and more reflective than a factory finish. This process concludes with a complete detail of the exterior and the application of paint sealant to protect the finish. (To watch this process, please watch our video)
Cost: $30 per panel per stage of sanding(i.e., door, fender, hood, etc.) $30 per panel for compound buffing and glaze
***How long does it take? - In any situation where color sanding is required, be it scratch removal, swirl, or texture, the process can take up to an hour per panel. In most cases for a whole car or truck 16-20 hours are required for the entire process to be completed.

Cut & Buff Part I - S-10 Pick-Up Restoration

Cut & Buff Part II - S-10 Pick-Up Restoration (after)

Cut & Buff Part III - S-10 Pick-Up Restoration (before & after)

Oxidation Restoration - This is a condition that cause paint to look faded or dull, and in severe cases, can cause the clear-coat finish to peel or burn off, leaving white where it stops. In the beginning stages, this can be corrected with cut and buff procedures to restore the finish to a like-new condition. Where body shops tell you it needs to be painted automatically, in many cases we can save you the expense, and prolong the life of your paint for years to come!

Scratch/Swirl Removal - If you have light scratches along the doors, scrapes on the fenders and bumpers, or scratches on your trunk, they are usually caused by a myriad of different factors; keys, wedding rings, shopping carts, boxes, road debris, and more. A great way to be able to tell if it is correctable is to check the scratch with your finger nail. If it stops when it hits the scratch, it is usually either too wide, or too deep. If not, these unsightly defects can be corrected using cut an buff procedures. Swirl is caused by cleaning the vehicle with grit embedded in the paint, either by a dirty rag, terry cloth, or sponge. This is common at car washes that wipe cars down without clay barring them first. The affected area looks like hair in the reflection, or cobwebs. It is completely correctable in most cases using the cut and buff procedures.
***How long does it take? - It depends. Small scratches can be removed in a matter of minutes, but in the case that the entire vehicle is affected by swirl, a full cut and buff quotient must be applied (16-20 hrs.)

Overspray Removal - Overspray happens when you park near someone who is using an air powered sprayer to paint, and a fine mist adheres itself to the surface of your car. This can happen at an apartment complex, or in a body shop. Easily corrected with claybar, the tedious removal is a painstaking process in order to remove all of the overspray from every surface affected. Pricing varies with severity, but not more than $29.99 per panel.
*** How long does it take?- Between 20-30 minutes per panel in most cases.

Undercarriage Cleaning - is sometimes necessary for larger trucks and off road vehicles that are having work done on a transfer case or rear differential. In other cases, it may be needed in order to sell. We pressure wash all of the dirt, wipe everything down with degreaser, and blow out deposits in hard to reach areas.
***How long does it take? - Depends on condition, usually not more than an hour.

Wheel Restoration - This service is reserved for vehicles that have impacted carbon deposits that won't come off without brushing or polishing. Chrome rims that are neglected often times look un salvageable, when in fact they can be restored to look brand new! Tractor trailer rigs, buses, and RV's are usually in need of this the most. Most places around charge $25-40 per wheel, but we do two wheels for just $29.99!!
*** How long does it take? - Depends on condition, but usually about an hour per wheel.

Aromatherapy/Odor Remediation - When vehicles have sat for an extended period, had rodent problems, or spills in the interior that cause odor, it may be necessary to use odor remediation efforts to restore the smell to fresh rather than funky! Using industry standard technology like ozone and fogging with molecular modifiers, we are able to restore the interiors of RV's, Boats, or any other vehicle.

Rodent Remediation Rodents are a constant threat to any vehicle kept outdoors, and they can destroy entire interiors with ease. We can help. Odor remediation, rewiring, and other measures can restore the vehicle to it's original condition.

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